Rob Licht
Steel HouseMemory, preservedSteel HouseMemory, PreservedHouse, AskewLight in the WindowThe LandingThe LandingAdriftAdriftDis-placementAquiferHouse on  a Hill
This series uses the form of the house in varying contexts to build narratives of dysfunction and anxiety. For me, the house, represented by the simple shoe box form, is full of conflicted meaning and symbolism about our relationships to place, the dependence on family, and issues of security versus isolation.
The most recent works confront the memories of my childhood home whose perfectly ordered Federal style facade concealed a chaotic interior filled with anger and addiction. Memory, Preserved was literally an attempt to erase memory thru the ritualistic act of burning, which, ironically, is a traditional Japanese process used to preserve wood. The gold leaf interiors in Light in the Window, and the weighty Steel House offer a beacons of hope, representing my bedroom where, as a teenager I would escape by working on art projects late into the night. In the healing process, memory is not destroyed but viewed in a new light via the creative act.