Rob Licht
True NorthTrue NorthTrue NorthTrue NorthVanishing PointMeasuring the Landscape: Straight Line MeasureReversal of ScaleReversal of ScaleWalking a GridThe Question, FadingHorizon, ObscuredReplacing the View with one More Familiar
In the spring of 2012 I was an artist-in-residence at Playa, in eastern Oregon's high desert. The landscape was dominated by a vast saline basin lake and the surrounding treeless landscape of rolling sagebrush hills. The vast space and endless horizon was both inspirational and overwhelming. The mudflats preceding the constantly changing shoreline of the seasonal lake became my canvas where a dialogue with the landscape was hashed out. At first I made attempts to measure and understand the wide open space, but eventually a weariness with the ceaseless horizon and a longing for the closeness and familiarity of my homeland of green hills and deep lakes caused me to probe my emotional connections to the land and acknowledge it's power to uplift and inspire and yet, at times, overwhelm and oppress the individual.

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